About Us

YorubaWord.com is a multimedia dictionary project of the Yoruba Names Project. It will be the first free, open, crowdsourced, multimedia, and monolingual lexical dictionary of Yorùbá language on the internet, aimed at helping to better document the language for the use of learners, students, and native speakers across the world, but also to improve the presence of Yorùbá on the internet generally as a way to help it survive into the next century.

That this dictionary is monolingual means that it is not a translation dictionary with only direct equivalents in English.

Our aim for creating it is to create a place to better understand the meaning, examples, sounds, context, and geolocation of all words used in the Yorùbá language.

Read more about the Yorùbá Names Project here and check out our earlier project at YorubaName.com .